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• Accurate medical coding with extreme quality and precision which

• Reduces denials and/or claim payment delays

• Avoids unnecessary and costly claim edits

• Utilizes up-to-date coding guidelines

• Timely updates on health insurance industry regulations and policy changes
and how they affect your practice

• Constant review of your AMA/CPT© procedural codes, implementing payor
changes and requirements as needed


In many medical practices, outstanding receivables grew tremendously and annual bad-debt write-offs became routine. But adequate profit margins allowed physicians to ignore sound business procedures.

Not any longer. Physicians are now keenly aware that in order to remain in business, they must constantly adopt the most efficient business practices currently available. Coracle is prepared to help you keep ahead of the curve on current trends in health insurance policies and practices, and to help you steer your way through the major changes of the business side of 21st-century medicine.

• Coracle will complete daily electronic claim submission in compliance with
payor timely filing limits, and:

• Review denied claims to establish reason for denial, correct and resubmit as

• Appeal inaccurately reimbursed claims

• Follow up on delayed claims to establish reason for the delay in reimbursement

• Provide your practice with timely/annual fee schedule updates

• Coracle offers daily patient statement billing and monthly follow-up by telephone
and mail.

• We are proud of our relentless and urgent follow-up on all outstanding A/R’s which:

• Improve cash flow

• Reduce bad debt write-off

Collection Services

Do you have a drawer, somewhere in the back office, where claims have languished unpaid for months or even years? Don’t be ashamed to admit it; unfortunately these days, many practices have such a drawer (or even several drawers.) Most practice administrators state that their staff is inundated by all the paperwork required to be completed for each patient encounter, and that it leaves very little time to dedicate to old claims and collection of payments assigned to patient responsibility.

Well, Coracle can take those sleepy claims and put them to work for you again. Our record shows we are able to collect and improve the look of your A/R by 93 percent of all the old claims we tackle.

Coracle will work to customize a collection strategy program for your practice that will improve the look of your A/R.

All we ask: Give us 10 of your most dormant cases so we can prove how effective we are. We want you to do what you do best — take care of your patients’ health — and let Coracle take care of your A/R.

Auditing and Compliance

Insurance industry regulations are becoming increasingly strict and payors expect all providers to be compliant. Coracle will work to provide you with an OIG-approved compliance program that will keep auditors at bay.

In the good old days, physicians expected to be simply physicians. They did not spend all the time and effort going to medical school to become bogged down with insurance and other financial paperwork.

However, inattention to these details can cause your practice to falter and constrict its cashflow like stenosis in a cardiac arrest. That’s why Coracle can provide an audit proof plan that, once implemented, will keep your practice in compliance with federal rules and regulations.

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