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Each medical practice is unique. At Coracle Medical Billing & Coding, LLC, we customize our services to meet your practice needs. Coracle offers comprehensive services in medical coding, billing, and management of Accounts Receivable (A/R).

An inordinately high number of claims submitted are denied on first adjudication due to improper coding. While no one can promise 100 percent reduction in claim denials, it has been shown that effective claims denial management can enhance practice revenue significantly. Coracle will help you implement a proven claims denial management strategy customized to your practice needs.

We will evaluate your practice’s unique needs and focus on offering pinpointed, HIPPA-compliant, logical solutions to help you maximize your efficiency. Coracle provides you with:

• Coding

• Accurate medical coding with extreme quality and precision

• Reduces denials and/or claim payment delays

• Avoids unnecessary and costly claim edits

• Utilizes up-to-date coding guidelines

• Billing

• Appeal inaccurately reimbursed claims

• Follow up on delayed claims to establish reason for the delay in reimbursement

• Provide your practice with timely/annual fee schedule updates

• Coracle offers daily patient statement billing and monthly follow-up by telephone
and mail.

• Collection Services

• Improve cash flow

• Reduce bad debt write-off

• Auditing and Compliance

• Compliant with Federal and Insurance industry regulations

Coracle will work to customize a collection strategy program for your practice that will improve the look of your A/R.

All we ask: Give us 10 of your most dormant cases so we can prove how effective we are. We want you to do what you do best — take care of your patients’ health — and let Coracle take care of your A/R.



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